Data Matrix

(see also: Text Overview)

Data matrix codes can be text or numeric data. The most used application is for marking small items, such as electronic components. The are also used in the food industry.

To convert text to Data Matrix:

  • Select the text using the Select Tool or a Text tool.
  • From the Text menu, point to Data Matrix and select Text to Data Matrix


You can adjust the following parameters in DesignCentral. If you are unsure what these features are, it is best to leave them at default.


Size Changes the size of the Matrix via the number of pixels. If Shape Automatic is selected, it can generate the right kind of shape and size if the data matches some kind of standard.
Data Encoding Determines the type of data in the matrix.
Margin Increases the white space around the matrix.
Module Size Scales the overall size to an industry standard without changing the pixel layout.
Edit... Edits the text of the Matrix



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