Centerline Trace

The Centerline Trace tool traces a single line down the middle of each part of a bitmap, and includes an option to outline any areas that are wider than a specified width. This tool is useful for producing neon patterns, and routing and engraving paths.

Only black and white bitmaps can be traced using Centerline trace. If your Bitmap is black and white and you still can't use this tool, select the bitmap and convert the color mode of the object by going to Bitmap Menu > Color Mode > Black and White.



In the Centerline tab of DesignCentral, adjust the following parameters:


For the Autotrace tab explanation, see Autotrace.

Steps Specifies the minimum size to be outlined.
Close Paths When selected, creates a separate closed shape in each fully enclosed area.
Outline large objects When selected, traces larger objects with an outline instead of a centerline.
mceclip4.png Specifies the color of the resulting vector objects.
  • From the Main toolbar, select Centerline Trace tool.
  • From the Bitmap Menu, go to Vectorize > Centerline Trace
    mceclip1.png        mceclip0.png
  • Adjust the tracing parameters in the DesignCentral - Centerline and Autotrace tabs.
  • To trace the entire bitmap or parts of it
    • Click the bitmap to trace one object.
    • Click and drag the cursor to create a rectangular bounding box. (Hold Shift to create a square bounding box.) Surround the objects in the bitmap that you want to trace.
    • Hold Ctrl and click to trace all of the bitmap.
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