Crop Tool

(see also: Bitmap Menu and Toolbar)

The Crop tool allows you to select part of a bitmap and delete the rest of it.


  • Select the bitmap you want to edit.
  • From the Bitmap Edit toolbar, select the Crop tool.
  • Click and drag the cursor over the bitmap to create a rectangular marquee, or hold Shift and drag to create a square marquee.

The marquee selection must be a simple rectangle or square. You cannot use Shift or Ctrl to create a more complex marquee with the Crop tool.

  • Adjust the Crop Width and Crop Height values of the marquee in DesignCentral, or adjust the cropping size by dragging the marquee's borders and corners.
  • Click and drag a point inside the marquee to reposition it.
  • Click Applymceclip1.png, double-click inside the marquee, or press Enter to crop the bitmap to the selected size.


  • Use Undo to remove cropping errors
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