Rasterize - Converting Objects into Bitmaps

You can convert vector objects and text into bitmaps, and then use bitmap filters to apply effects. The process of converting vector objects into a set of pixels is called Rasterization. The object thus becomes a bitmap for manipulation as such in Flexi Design.

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One major advantage of rasterizing is you can take a very complex design with lots of vector objects and effects and convert it into a single object. This makes it much easier for Flexi to handle. The downside is that the object will not be editable like a vector object again, and it is locked in to a specific resolution. You can use the Undo function to go back if you decide that the rasterization doesn't work, but otherwise there is no changing it back to a vector.

To rasterize objects:

  • Select the desired objects.
  • From the Bitmap menu, select Rasterize.

The Rasterize dialog box appears.

  • Edit the following attributes:
Keep Original When checked, this option will preserve the original objects. The new rasterized image will be placed on top of the original objects.
Create mask When checked, the shape of the new bitmap will be the same as the original objects.
Transparent When checked, the background color of the bitmap will be transparent.
Resolution Specifies the resolution of the new bitmap. Values can be selected from the dropdown list or typed into the Resolution field.
Color Mode Specifies the color mode of the new bitmap. The available options are Black and White, Grayscale, Indexed Color, and RGB.
Margin Specifies the amount of white space around the bitmap. This option has no effect when Create mask is selected.
  • Click OK. If the object is very large in size, this process can take a little while.


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