Make Transparent - Bitmaps

In Flexi, you can select a color in a Bitmap and convert all instances of that color to a transparent background. This is especially useful with Bitmap with a white background that you want to be transparent.

mceclip1.pngmceclip4.png    mceclip2.png

  • Select the bitmap.
  • From the Bitmap menu, select Make Transparent. OR
  • From the Bitmap Toolbar, select Make Transparent.
    mceclip5.png    mceclip6.png
    • The Magic Wand Options tab appears in DesignCentral.
  • Move the wand over the bitmap and click on the color you want to make transparent. For multiple transparent colors, hold Shift while clicking additional colors.
  • To select all instances of the color in the bitmap, click Select Similar in DesignCentral.
  • Click Apply.

If you are getting unwanted outlines around your bitmap elements, increase the Tolerance setting in DesignCentral.


To remove the transparency

  • Select the bitmap.
  • Select the Bitmap tab in DesignCentral.
  • Click Remove Transparency.

The Remove Transparency button only appears when a transparent bitmap is selected.

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