Eraser Tool

(see also: Bitmap Menu and Toolbar)

The Eraser tool is used to remove unwanted parts of a bitmap, to restore an edited bitmap to its original image, or fill an area with background color.


The Eraser tool in DesignCentral has two tabs:

  • The Erasers tab offers a variety of eraser styles to choose from.
    mceclip0.png  mceclip1.png

The Eraser Options tab allows you to adjust the following parameters:

Opacity This specifies the percentage of the image to be removed with each pass of the eraser.
Erase to original When checked, the eraser will only remove changes to the bitmap, returning it to its original state.

Erasing a Bitmap

  • Select the bitmap you want to edit.
  • From the Bitmap Edit toolbar, select the Eraser tool. 
  • From the Erasers tab, select an eraser tip.
  • Click and drag the eraser across the bitmap.


Use Undo to remove bitmap editing errors.

This will clear out pixels and cause them to use the default background pixel color (white). If the background is transparent, it will cause the pixels to erase to transparent instead of white.


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