Paintbrush Tool

(see also: Bitmap Menu and Toolbar)

The Paintbrush tool lets you paint brushstrokes onto a bitmap.


The Paintbrush Tool  in DesignCentral has two tabs:

  • The Brushes tab (First tab) lets you select the shape and size of the brush. (See Changing the Brush for more information.)
    mceclip0.png   mceclip1.png
  • The Brush Options tab (second tab) determines the percentage of each stroke that will be added to a bitmap image.

The Brush Options tab lets you adjust the following parameter:

Opacity Specifies the percentage of the color to be added with each pass of the brush. Lower numbers will create transparent strokes.


To use the Paintbrush tool:

  • Select the bitmap you want to edit.
  • From the Bitmap Edit toolbar, select the Paintbrush tool.
  • From the Brushes tab, select a brush tip.
  • From the Swatch Table, select the foreground color you want to paint with.
  • Click and drag the brush across the bitmap.


Use Undo to remove brushstroke errors.

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