Stamp Tool

(see also: Bitmap Menu and Toolbar)

The Stamp tool copies portions of a bitmap to another area on the same bitmap.


The Stamp tool in DesignCentral has two tabs:

  • The Stamps tab lets you select the shape and size of the brush. (See Changing the Brush for more information.)
    mceclip0.png    mceclip1.png
  • The Stamp Options tab lets you adjust the following parameters:

Specifies the percentage to which the output of the tool will overwrite the existing bitmap. At 100% the output will be opaque; at lower numbers it will be more transparent.

Style Aligned

When selected, this option locks the initial origin and first destination points together. When a new destination point is selected, the origin will reposition itself to maintain the same relative distance and position that was created initially.

This is designed for copying a large area of the bitmap over to another area.
Nonaligned When selected, this option anchors the origin point to its initial position independent of any destination points. While drawing, the origin and destination points move together. When not drawing, the origin point returns to this "home" position.
This setting is ideal for copying the same part of the bitmap to a number of different places.
  • Select the bitmap you want to edit.
  • From the Bitmap Edit toolbar, select the Stamp tool.
  • From the Stamps tab, select a stamp tip.
  • From the Stamp Options tab, adjust the Opacity and Style parameters.
  • Click the Stamp tool at the point on the bitmap from which you want to copy (the origin).
  • Move the cursor over the area of the bitmap that you want to overwrite (the destination); then click and drag to copy.

To change the stamp origin, hold Ctrl and click on the new point you want to copy from.

Use Undo to remove stamp errors.

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