Setup Properties

Setup Properties gives you some basic controls over how Production Manager handles the device.

To open Setup Properties, Click the Arrow next to the setup name and select Setup Properties.

Job Workflow Tab

The Job Workflow tab displays information about the output device.


Common settings for all devices

Setup Name Name of the setup.
Hot Folder Select a folder that will serve as a hot folder. Any jobs copied into this folder will be added to the queue automatically.
Share Name Name of the printer if shared over the network.
After Receive Select what to do with a job when it arrives into the hot folder
Hold The job will appear in the hold list
Auto Start The job will start processing and printing as soon as it arrives in the hot folder
Schedule The job will remain in the hold queue until the time specified in the Output Time field
Output Time Select a time for outputting scheduled jobs.
Rotate Image to fit media If checked, the image will automatically be rotated to better fit the dimensions of the output media if needed.
Install Desktop Driver Installs a driver into windows to allow you to use the printer with other programs. Not all devices are compatible with this feature.


Other Settings

Depending on your device you may see additional options on the work flow tab.

Hybrid devices will also see:


Send For jobs that contain both a printed image and a contour cut, this control selects what will be output:
Print and Contour Contour Prints the job and then cuts the contour.
Print Only Only prints the job.
Contour Only Only cuts the contour.


Certain HP Latex printer models will also have the following options. Note that not all HP Properties are visible for all Latex models. Only features supported by the HP model itself will be displayed.



Automatically apply loaded media When selected, the software will automatically detect when a new media is loaded unto your HP printer. Both media width and media settings will be applied to all future jobs.
Setup HP Properties Opens a dialog to configure settings that are available for your specific HP printer
Continuous printing by re-arranging jobs per print mode Select this option to enable the printer's feature to leave less white space in between jobs that were sent with the same settings.
Dual Side control Enables dual side printing and lets you configure whether you will be using the software or the printer to control the dual side process.
Ink Job Prediction

Predicts the amount of ink that will be used for a job before printing.

Note: the calculation of job prediction will take additional processing time.


Automatic Nesting Tab

The Automatic Nesting tab allows you to set the automatic nesting options for the software.


Automatic Job nesting Checking this option will automatically nest jobs in the queue depending on the criteria selected below.
Number of jobs Jobs will start nesting once the specified number of jobs have been added to the queue.
Number of minutes Jobs will start nesting after the specified amount of minutes.
Percent coverage Jobs will start nesting once the specified percent of the media has been reached.
Daily at Jobs will start nesting at the specified time.
Automatic rotate when nesting Nesting will try to find the optimal way to save media and in doing so may rotate certain jobs automatically. Uncheck this option if you prefer jobs not to be rotated.
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