Install Printer Drivers Offline

As of Flexi 22, printer and device drivers are now installed at the time of device set up instead of being preinstalled with Flexi. This dramatically reduces the size of Flexi to save hard drive space. The drivers are installed automatically at the time of set up, so it should feel as seamless as when Flexi had them preinstalled. 

However, if you cannot connect to the internet with your computer or Flexi cannot reach our device driver server, this process will fail and you will need to manually install the drivers. NOTE: You will need a computer with internet access.

Step 1: Generate Driver List .xml file

When you try to add a device without an internet connection, you will receive the following error message:


When you click OK, the software will generate an .xml file with a list of the device drivers you need. Put any file name in and save it somewhere convenient like your desktop.


Step 2: Upload .xml file and Download printer drivers

On another computer with internet access, go to (the website seen in the error message above.) Take the .xml file you just created with you to that computer using a flash drive or network or another convenient method.



Click "Choose File" and select the .xml file you saved in Step 1 and click Upload.


The website will prompt you with the make and model of the printer. Click the download button on the right.



Step 3: Install Drivers

An .exe file will be downloaded. Open it and point the directory to the SAi Production Suite 22 folder as show below.




Click Next and then Install. Make sure you save your work and close Flexi before attempting the install. 



Once the installation is finished, you can add the device setup to Production Manager


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