Creating Multiple Queues

You can create multiple queues per device and assign different default job properties or presets to each one. This can be useful if you frequently use the same presets or if you want to map hot folders to certain default settings.

For example, if you regularly print on adhesive vinyl but occasionally print on banner material, and you don't want to go through and set up all the settings when it's time to switch one way or the other, you can set up one queue with Adhesive Vinyl settings and another for Banner settings.

For tips on how to set up to set up Default Job Properties, read: Using Default Job Properties

To create a new queue, do one of the following:

  • Select the current setup and click the green + sign on the left hand side of the setup bar

  • Click the arrow down of the current setup and select Duplicate Setup
    • The Add Setup dialog will appear with the settings of your current setup already filled out
  • Type in a name for your new setup queue
  • Click Finish

Default Job Properties will launch, with the default settings of your current setup. This allows you to create another set of default settings such as printing with a certain material or color profile.

  • Change the default job properties for this new queue.
  • Click OK
  • Repeat this for all queues you want to configure.

When done, all queues will appear in production manager.


Optional: You can now assign a different hot folder to each of the queues, by clicking the arrow down next to the queue and selecting Setup Properties.


Additionally, each setup will appear in the RIP & Print window in Flexi. Selecting that setup will pull the default job properties from that setup:


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