FAQ for FlexiDESIGN for MacOS

What is FlexiDESIGN for MacOS?

SA International has produced the FlexiDESIGN program to be compatible with Apple's Macintosh line of computers. It is virtually the same program that is used on Windows.

FlexiDESIGN for MacOS requires MacOS Catalina 10.15 or later.


Where can I purchase FlexiDESIGN for MacOS?

You can obtain your own copy of FlexiDESIGN for MacOS at our subscriptions webpage, saisubscriptions.com. Pricing for the program can be found there.

Currently, FlexiDESIGN for MacOS is only available via subscription. No traditional or perpetual licenses are available.

What are the System Requirements for FlexiDESIGN for MacOS?

You can find the System Requirements in this article: Flexi System Requirements


Can I print or cut from FlexiDESIGN for MacOS?

FlexiDESIGN for MacOS does not include the Production Manager RIP functionality, so there is no inherent capability to output to large format printers or cutters.

However, if you have a Windows computer with Flexi and Production Manager set up to output to a printer or cutter, you may output from the MacOS client through the Windows Production Manager.

See: MacOS: Printing to a Windows Production Manager

FlexiDESIGN for MacOS can still print through traditional desktop printers using your Mac computer's printer driver.

What are the differences between FlexiDESIGN for MacOS and the Windows version?

Due to programming differences, there are a few tools that are not included with the MacOS version. They are listed here:

  • True Shape Nesting
  • Adobe Plugin Support (which includes EyeCandy/Exposure functionality)
  • Some Vectorizing tools as seen in the Bitmap > Vectorize menu:
    • Bezier
    • Enhanced Curves
    • Enhanced Corners...
    • Centerline...

Beyond these tools, every other tool and feature are the same as their Windows counterpart.


Can I use the Help Center to learn and troubleshoot Flexi?

The Help Center is focused around the Windows version of Flexi, but given that most of the features are the same between the two versions, the Help Center should give you adequate information, though there may be slight visual differences.

There will be a section of the Help Center centered around the Mac version to provide training and troubleshooting help unique to FlexiDESIGN for MacOS.


Do I get FindMyFont or Sign Design Elements with my subscription of FlexiDESIGN for MacOS?

FindMyFont is technically included with a subscription of FlexiDESIGN for MacOS, but our version is only compatible with Windows. If you have a windows computer, you can download and use it there.

Sign Design Elements is included with a subscription of FlexiDESIGN for MacOS. You can log in using your SAi Cloud account at https://sde.thinksai.com.

As with a standard subscription, you can add-on an SDE25 or SDE75 subscription to your FlexiDESIGN for MacOS subscription and enjoy access to hundreds of templates and stock images.  https://saisubscriptions.com/products/sde

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