MacOS: Uninstalling FlexiDESIGN

Step 1: Locate the Flexi application folder

Find your Applications folder (on the left hand side of your Finder window or in Finder > Go > Applications).

In your Applications folder, find the Flexi folder.



Step 2: Remove your license

Note: you can skip this step if you intend on installing FlexiDESIGN for MacOS on this same computer again. Additionally, in a future update, this step will occur automatically when you run the Uninstaller in Step 3.

Locate your License Manager and open it. Click Remove License From This Computer



The license will connect to our server and detach the license from this computer.

mceclip2.png     mceclip3.png


Step 3: Uninstall the Software

In your Applications folder, find the Uninstaller.



Click OK. The software will now be removed from your computer.



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