MacOS: Installing FlexiDESIGN

For help licensing and downloading FlexiDESIGN, check out this article first: Activating your License and Downloading your Software

Expanding the ZIP file

Once you've downloaded the .zip file from your account at, double click the ZIP to expand it.


Once it is expanded, double click the resulting .pkg file.



Notice for Apple devices with the M1 chip

FlexiDESIGN for MacOS was designed for use on Intel CPUs; however, Apple has a utility called Rosetta that will allow programs that require the Intel chips to run on an M1 CPU. If you have this CPU, Apple will automatically prompt you to install Rosetta. If you do not see this prompt, do not worry about the Rosetta utility and carry on as normal.



FlexiDESIGN Installer

Click Continue.



Agree to the terms and conditions as listed.




Ensure your hard drive has the space required for the program. We recommend having additional space for files and temporary space for the program.



The installer will now write the program files. Wait for it to finish.



Towards the end of the installation, the program will prompt you to enter your Activation code, as seen in the Activation article seen here. Copy and paste the Activation code from your SAi Cloud account or your Purchase Confirmation email. Make sure you are connected to the internet.



When your licensing is successful, you will be prompted to select your language. You can change this later if needed.



The Installation is finished.


Feel free to remove the installer when asked to save hard disk space, unless you think you may need to reinstall it on this device at a later date.



There will be a shortcut on your desktop for ease of access.



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