MacOS: Printing to a Windows Production Manager

FlexiDESIGN for MacOS is design software only; it does not come with the Production Manager required to RIP and send jobs to a printer or cutter. However, it can still utilize the Production Manager if you have Production Manager on a separate Windows PC.

This process is the same for the Cut/Plot window and Print and Cut jobs.

An Apple computer with FlexiDESIGN for MacOS sends the design across the network to a Windows computer with Production Manager on it.




The first thing you will need to do is to ensure the Production Manager program is open on the Windows computer and the computer is connected to the network. Production Manger automatically broadcasts its availability across the network, so no further set up is required on that end. You may need to make sure your Antivirus programs on each computer are whitelisted. Contact your Antivirus provider about whitelisting programs if you are experiencing problems.


On the Apple Computer:



Once you have your design complete, click the RIP & Print button.



A window will appear with a few options.

  • On this computer (Local): This option is disabled as Production Manager is not currently included with FlexiDESIGN for MacOS
  • On another computer (Network): This option will scan the network for any broadcasting Production Managers. This is the option you will most likely use.
  • On the internet address: This isn't actually for a host across the internet. If you know the IP Address of the computer with Production Manager on your network, this is a manual way to achieve the prior option if your computer isn't seeing a Production Manager broadcast. Ensure the Production Manager computer has a static IP Address if you want to use this option.



Selecting the second option will produce a list of Production Managers available on the network. There is usually just one unless you have multiple computers with Production Manager on the network. Select the computer you wish to use and Click OK.



The RIP & Print window will appear. Change any settings you wish to change and click Send.
(additional reading on the RIP & Print window can be found here: RIP and Print Overview)



If you have "Allow remote Send Now/Interactive" set up on the Windows computer (as shown later in this article), you can also select Send Now from the Send Mode. This will send the job immediately to the printer through Production Manager instead of holding for the job at that Production Manager to wait for it to be sent manually. You can also use the Poll Size feature to automatically retrieve the print media width from the printer.



On the Windows Computer:


For the Windows computer, all you will need is to have the Production Manager open. Production Manager will automatically broadcast its availability across the network.


The job then appears in Production Manager on the Windows computer. Click Send to send the job to the printer. If the Send Mode was set to Hold, you can modify any last minute settings on the job in the job's Job Properties.



To set up Send Now/Interactive in Production Manager, go to Edit > Preferences.



On the right side, check the box that says "Allow remote Send Now/Interactive" and click OK. You can choose the Send Now option in RIP & Print on the Apple computer. You may need to restart FlexiDESIGN to see it.



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