SAi Connect Overview

What is SAi Connect?

SAi Connect is a new feature available with the launch of Flexi 22. It is a dashboard for quick access to a host of features and information.

SAi Connect requires an internet connection for most of these functions.

  • Manage your software installations:
    • Launch your software
    • Download or update Flexi or Enroute
    • Install or Uninstall Flexi or Enroute
    • Update your software
    • View and manage all licenses on the account
  • Manage your subscriptions
  • Get important notifications about your account, including:
    • Subscription renewals
    • Software updates 
    • The latest news and offers
  • Quick access to numerous features:
    • Help Center for education and troubleshooting
    • YouTube videos on workflows and features
    • Technical Support
  • Usage statistics for all devices and licenses in one convenient location
    • Real time statistics on jobs, including media and ink usage
      • Data can be filtered by date, device, license, and more
      • Note: Usage statistics are only available to Flexi, Flexi Design, FlexiSIGN and FlexiSIGN & PRINT licenses. Other versions of Flexi (including HP Editions and other OEM versions) do not have access to usage statistics.

Log in to SAi Connect


When you launch SAi Connect for the first time, it will request your login info. This requires the same login credentials you used for Once you login in, it will collect your account and licensing information from SAi Cloud for use in SAi Connect.

If you check Log in automatically, SAi Connect will save your SAi Cloud credentials for immediate login whenever it launches.


Running in the Background


If you click the X in the top right corner to close SAi Connect, it will minimize to the task tray (generally in the bottom right hand corner) so that it can continue to gather usage data for your use. You can double click or right click the icon to show it again. If you wish to close it, right click it and select "Quit."

Note: if you try to launch SAi Connect from your desktop shortcut and nothing happens, check the Task Tray as shown below.

Other Base Functions

Notification Tray


If you have any notifications, a circle with a red number in it will show. These notifications can be anything from subscription and payment notifications to new software releases and updates.

Keep Software Updated


SAi Connect will inform you when you have updates available for your software and update it for you. See: SAi Connect - Updating your software




This button will force the app to update with the most latest available information for your licenses, subscription, data, and more.




  • Preferences: Preferences regarding SAi Connect.
  • Manage Subscriptions: Takes you to a page where you can manage your payments and subscriptions. You will need to enter your credentials again to access this feature.
  • Log Out: Logs you out of SAi Connect. You will need to log in to use the feature again. Note: You can be logged into SAi Connect on as many computers as you want simultaneously, there is no limit.


As mentioned above, this button does not close the software, it minimizes the software into the task tray. To close the software, you will need to right click the software in the task tray and then select close.

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png


Additionally, SAi Connect is set up to start when you initially log into Windows. If you want to change this, enter your task manager, right click SAi Connect and select "Disable."


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