SAi Connect - Usage Statistics

The Statistics page of Connect gathers and displays usage data collected by Production Manager. This data includes aggregated media and ink usage and media types; it also includes these metrics on an individual job basis as well if you want to see how much a specific job used.

This data is collected and stored on our servers and can be retrieved by any computer where you log into SAi Connect. As a result, if you have multiple devices across several different computers each with separate licenses of Flexi, you can see the aggregate and individual job data across all devices, not just the machine you have SAi Connect on.

Note: Usage statistics are only available to Flexi, Flexi Design, FlexiSIGN and FlexiSIGN & PRINT licenses (whether subscription or perpetual licenses. Other versions of Flexi (including HP Editions and other OEM versions) do not have access to usage statistics.


Hovering over a line on the graph will give you more information about the usage of that media type. The same goes for the ink and the ink volume used.

mceclip1.png  mceclip3.png


If you wish to see only the data for specific devices, dates, or media types, are searching for individual jobs, or wish to see jobs from a specific computer or license, the filters button at the top will narrow down the displayed information based on the selected criteria. mceclip4.png


To narrow it down to a specific computer, select License and determine the computer by the software ID or the computer name in parentheses.

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