New Features within the Transparency tab of Job Properties (Flexi Complete)

New Features within the Transparency tab of Job Properties

Every job in production manager has job properties and there is a transparency tab which allows you to make backgrounds or other parts of a print transparent. It also allows for manipulation of special inks such as white, clear, and varnish. With Flexi Complete, we have added new features such as applying a contour cut, changing the background, and automatic transparency to further optimize your workflow.


Transparency modes

  • Select your job and open the job properties by double clicking the job or right clicking on the job and selecting job properties
  • Navigate to the transparency tab. It is the last tab unless it's a contour job, in which it will be the second to last tab. The icon is a magic wand.
  • Check the box that says create transparent background.

  • Select by Color and then click in the white background to create transparency. Choose "select similar color" to highlight other areas of the same color.

  • Select by Object Boundaries To have it automatically create transparency

Creating a Contour Cut and Generating Edge Smoothing

  • Click the Create contour cut paths checkbox. If you need holes cut out also check the with holes box. You can also adjust the offset if needed. What is new here is you can click the smooth edges box to create a cleaner edge. This will affect both the contour cut line and your print.

Changing the background color

  • If you want your default background to be a different color to give you better contrast when viewing your transparency then you can now change the color.
  • Click the Preview canvas color check box and then select the color by clicking the color box to the right. A new window opens allowing you to select a color

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