Job Properties - Marks and Labels Tab

(see also: Job Properties Overview)

You may choose to print crop marks and information about the job along with any notes that you enter. This includes any registration mark settings a cut job might require.




Select the ink that is used to print labels and marks. Knock Out White is for printing white layers on transparency.



Sets the width of the labels. 

Print Labels

Accesses label printing options. These labels are printed on the edges of the job. 




Selects where to print labels relative to the job.

Font and Size mceclip7.png
Allows you to select a font and font size.
Printer Name
Prints your printer name on printout.
Resolution Prints the resolutions settings on printout.
ICC output profile Prints the ICC output profile used on the printout.
Tile Number Prints the tile row and column number.
Overlap Prints the overlap distance between tiles.
Job name, size and type Prints the job name size and type on the printout.
Dither type Prints the selected dither type on the printout.
Starting time of RIP Prints the time that the RIP process started on printout.
Page number Prints the page number for a multiple page file.
Number of Copies Prints the number of copies made on printout.
Notes Allows you to print a text note on printout.
Print Marks


Selects type of crop marks you want to use on printout. If the selected job is a contour cut job, the available registration marks for your cutter will also appear in the list. 

Examples of these marks can be found at the end of this article.

Print negative Selecting this option will output cutter registration marks in white and print a black square around the marks.
Tile overlap lines


Lines on tiles print to indicate where the edge of the overlap is. Use these to align the tiles. If you check On both tiles, the overlap lines appear on both tiles. If not, the overlap line only appears on the second tile.


Print color bands


Color bands print at the positions selected. These bands are usually CMYK, plus any other ink types your printer can produce.



Crop Marks Standard Marks
productionmarkscrop.gif ProductionMarksStandard.gif




Tonal Scale

ProductionMarksSwatch.gif ProductionMarksTonalScale.gif





ProductionMarksMargin.gif ProductionMarksBorder.gif



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