Job Properties - Cut Tab

(see also: Job Properties Overview)

This tab provides some options for contour cutting. This tab only appears when you have a contour cut set up in the design.

Many of these settings are described in this article: RIP and Print Dialog - Contour Tab



Resolutionmceclip1.png Defines how precise the cuts are in steps per inch. Generally this value shouldn't be adjusted, but a smaller value means a smaller file size. However, a lower resolution will make your curves look blockier.

Advance after plot


Prevents the cutter from rolling back to the home position after it is finished cutting. If you wish for the plotter to advance the material further beyond the end of the job, enter that value in the additional advance field.

Send Arc Commands


If your cutter has a function to handle curves or arcs, it will send commands to utilize that function, resulting in cleaner curves.

Knife Offset


Some cutter blades require an offset to correctly set the cutting point to be at the center of the blade. Turn this on and use the value designated by the knife manufacturer to set it to the correct point.

Packet Size


Indicates the data packet size sent to the cutter for ethernet connected cutters. Only use if your network traffic is slow; the vast majority of networks shouldn't need to change this.

Eliminate Line Segment Overlap


When two objects have a contour cut path that overlaps, the overlap will only be cut once.

Curve Quality


Determines the precision of the curves by setting the maximum space allowed between the curve and the line. Higher quality requires more lines, resulting in increased plot file size and cutting time.

Driver Options


See: RIP and Print Dialog - Contour Tab

For the options in the Edit... button, see: Edit Contour Color Settings

Set Cut Line Color: Only functions in Default Job Properties

Don't print cut lines


CutContour lines designating where contour cuts should be won't be printed when this is checked. Only used when a contour cut job is located directly into Production Manager and not through Flexi's RIP and Print dialog.



Resets all settings on the tab to their default settings, including any settings applied to the Driver options and contour cut types.
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