Job Properties - Layout Tab

(see also: Job Properties Overview)

The Layout tab controls how the job is positioned on the output media, what size it is and the layout of the output.



Media Size

The size of the media loaded into your output device. Select from one of the preset sizes, or specify unique dimensions.

mceclip3.png Preset sizes for media. You can select Custom Size to enter your own dimensions.
mceclip6.png The width and height of the media.
mceclip7.png The margins of the printable area. The job will be constrained to print within this area.
Borderless Printing

Check to set the job dimensions to borderless (full-bleed) printing. Only media sizes that support borderless printing are listed. If you select a different media size, the job dimensions automatically adjust to match the new size.

Not available to all printers.

Dual Roll Printing
If your printer supports dual roll printing, check this option if you want to print on two rolls at once.
Edit Click this button to edit settings for Dual Roll Printing.
mceclip10.png The left numeric field is the width of the left roll, the center numeric field is the space between the rolls, and the right numeric field is the width of the right roll.


Job Size


The size area of the design to be printed.


The width and height of the job.


You can also change a job's size by selecting it in the Preview Area and dragging its handles.

mceclip17.png The width and height of the job as a percentage of the original.

Fit to Media


Scales the job proportionally so that it is as large as possible while still fitting within the printable area of the output media.
Increases or decreases width and height together to keep the original proportions intact.




mceclip21.png The distance between the job and the right and bottom margins of the printable area.
mceclip22.png Places the job at the specified distances from the lower and right edges of the printable area of the output media.
mceclip24.png Centers the job along the width of the printable area.
mceclip25.png Centers the job in the middle of the printable area. Should only be used for sheets of material, not rolls. If the job disappears and you are using a roll, the job will actually be way, way up the preview.
mceclip26.png Places the job at the specified distances from the lower and left edges of the printable area of the output media.




mceclip30.png The number of copies to be output.
mceclip32.png The amount of space between the various tiles, copies and/or nested jobs that are output as part of the job.


Page Range

Specifies the range of pages that are output for a multi-page job (usually seen in PDF Documents.) Format is x-y. Also accepts "," to put in multiple ranges.


5 Prints page 5
2-5 Prints pages 2,3,4 and 5
3, 5-10 Prints pages 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
Page Nesting Check to automatically nest pages, tiles and separations of the job.



mceclip34.pngmceclip35.png Flips the selected image on the vertical axis, so that the image is mirrored when printed.





Rotates image on the media in 90-degree increments. Click the button until you achieve the desired orientation.

You can also rotate a job in 90° increments by selecting it in the Preview Area and double clicking its center rotation handle.



Jig Layout


For Jig printing with flatbed printers. See: Jig Templates

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