Job Properties - Workflow Tab

(see also: Job Properties Overview)

The Workflow tab displays settings related to the time and order that the job is processed in.


After Outputmceclip1.png Sets what to do with the job after output:
Delete Removes jobs from the queue after output.
Hold Places jobs in the Hold Queue after output or at the bottom of the queue.
Archive Saves the job after output.
Repeat Jobmceclip8.png Enter the number of times you would like the software to automatically re-send the job. This sends the entire job including all settings and options.
Send After: 
Allows you to schedule a time to send the job. This occurs the next time the determined time is reached regardless of the date. If Repeat Job is selected, it will send the job that many times.



Comments about the job that can only be viewed through the Job Properties dialog.


Jobs imported directly into Production Manager

For jobs where you opened them in Production Manager instead of using RIP and Print in Flexi Design and also contain a Contour Cut, this option will show.

Send Cut Paths from job to the Following Device


This option allow to you change which device will receive the contour cut. Otherwise it will use the first cutter queue in the list if it is unchecked

Cut along Page Border


If the job is too big to fit on the material and needs to be tiled into panels, this option will cut along the edge of the tiled pages.

Rotate Cut Job


Rotates the registration marks or barcode 90°. This does not change the orientation of the artwork or the contour cut lines. Useful if the cutter width is shorter than the media width.

Only active if the first box above is checked.


Hybrid Jobs

Hybrid jobs are for hybrid devices that can print and cut. The Workflow tab contains some additional options for Hybrid jobs:




Sets what part of a combination print and contour job will be output. This control will only appear for hybrid devices.

Print and contour The job will be printed, and then the contour will be cut.
Print only Only the printed part of the job will be output.
Contour only Only the contour will be cut.
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