Job Properties Overview

The Job Properties window is the primary place to edit the settings for a print or cut job. There is a lot in Job properties and it may take some time and experimentation to truly master all the features it offers. Below you can find articles with an explanation for each tab and each setting within each tab.

For many of these options, if you wish to have these options set as a default setting that applies to all new jobs that generated in Production Manager, see: Using Default Job Properties


The Job Properties Window -  Common Settings and Features


1 Presets List of saved preset settings. See: Production Presets
2 Tabs Contains the bulk of the settings offered by Job Properties categorized by function.
3 Basic Job Properties Reduces the Job Properties windows to a simplified version.
4 Loading Indicator If the preview pane is blank, this will indicate that PM is still loading the image(s).
5 Preview Type Changes how the preview pane displays the job. Functions identically as shown in RIP and Print Dialog - Common Settings.
6 Preview Pane A preview of the job. You can click and move objects to place them elsewhere on the substrate. Functions identically as shown in RIP and Print Dialog - Common Settings.
7 Set as Default Takes the existing settings in all tabs and saves them as the Default Job Properties for the current device or setup.
8 Send/OK/Cancel Send: Sends the job to be RIP'd and then printed.
OK: Saves and applies the current settings and closes the Job Properties window. Does not send to RIP or Print.
Cancel: Closes the Job Properties window without saving any settings.


Job Properties Tabs

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