Shape Tools Overview

These drawing tools are for creating basic shapes common in sign making. Notice that when you use any of these tools, the DesignCentral window will display a set of options unique to that tool. These options will change the various design features of that shape.

All of these shapes appear in the Shape flyout on the Main Toolbar:


The following are articles on each specific tool:


Example: Arrow Tool

As an example, we will use the Arrow Tool. The examples below work for most of the shape tools. When you click and hold the artboard with the tool active, you can then drag to set the size and orientation of the arrow. When you hold Ctrl while dragging, it will constrain the orientation along an axis.


After you've drawn an arrow, if you single click with the tool still active, it will immediately drop down a new arrow with the exact same dimensions as the previous one. This allows you create multiples in a few seconds once you are satisfied with the first one.


As you might have noticed above, once you have placed an arrow, the DesignCentral window will give you various options to edit the dimensions of several of the shapes distinct features, such as the length of the tail or length of the cap.

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