Aligning Points

(see also: Paths Overview)

Use the Align Horizontal and Align Vertical tools to align several points along a horizontal, vertical, or an angled line.

  • Select the points to align using the Select Point Tool.  mceclip1.png
  • Select the Align Horizontal or Align Vertical tool.

    • Align Horizontal mceclip0.png:

      mceclip4.png mceclip5.png mceclip3.png

    • Align Vertical mceclip6.png

      mceclip7.png  mceclip9.png mceclip8.png

Select the Align Points tool mceclip0.png

  • Click and drag either end of the reference line to change its angle of alignment. Click and drag the Alignment Center to change its position.
  • Click Confirm in DesignCentral

You can also adjust the alignment reference line using the numeric fields in the DesignCentral Alignment Points tab


Move Direction When Closest is selected, the points move to the alignment reference line using the shortest path.
When Horizontal is selected, the points move horizontally to the reference line.
When Vertical is selected, the points move vertically to the line.
Alignment Center Location Specifies the X,Y coordinates of the Alignment Center on the alignment reference line.
Alignment Angle Specifies the angle of the alignment reference line.
Move Entire Path This option is only available when each of the selected points lies in a different path. When enabled, the entire path moves to the reference line.

Click Apply or double-click anywhere inside the design area.

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