Advanced Borders

(see also: Shape Tools Overview)

The Advanced Borders tool allows you to quickly create a vector shape that is commonly used with signs. There are a series of predetermined shapes you can pick from, or you can create your own.


There are no special dimension tools with shapes created with the Advanced Borders tool. The dimension options are fairly straightforward regarding Height and Width.

The Thickness setting determines how thick the border is when Inner Border is turned on. Inner Border puts another border parallel to the inside of the outer edge, allowing the center to be open.

Proportional puts restraints on the height and width to force them to always maintain proportionality when one or the other is adjusted.


Border Type

The Border Type function opens a whole selection of border types. These are all vector images, so you can scale and edit them as you see fit. 


Adding Borders

If you have a shape you know you will frequently use, you can add them to this list for easy access. It will automatically follow all the border options detailed above.

  1. Create a shape. You can also edit the paths of an existing Border. Either way it must be a closed vector image without any welds, grouping, or compounds. Make sure it is the only shape on the artboard. Create a new File if you need to.


  2. Go to File > Save. Save it as an .FS file wherever is convenient for you.

  3. Click "Add..." in DesignCentral with the Advanced Border tool active.

  4. Find and load the .FS file you saved in Step 2.

  5. You should now see your shape at the bottom of the Border Type list in DesignCentral.mceclip5.png

The tool is able to apply Inner Border to this new shape.




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