Polygon Tool

(see also: Shape Tools Overview)

The Polygon tool is a robust tool that can create an extraordinary number of unique shapes.


By default, the size of the polygon is equidistant between the height and width. Changing the overall height or width in DesignCentral will skew the shape into an oblong shape. Note that it always changes height or width of the shape in the same direction regardless of the shape's current orientation.

By adding or removing points to the polygon, the shape will automatically adjust.  You can have a minimum of 3 points, and there is no upper limit on how many points you can make.


Regardless of how many points the polygon has, it will only have two handles.


The Bend handle is where the Polygon tool really starts to shine.



When you click and drag the bend handle, the Polygon will bend the lines between the points.


Notice that when you first bend a shape, two more bend handles show up. You can use these to tweak the angle of the point to something more satisfactory. These handles can also extend beyond the polygon's normal boundaries for some truly unique effects. You will need to play with it to really understand the point and bend relationships.


Polygon Examples

Here's just a few of the countless shapes you can make with the Polygon tool, using the only the Bend handles and changing the number of points.


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