Masking Objects

(This video represents an old version of Flexi; while some elements of the program may be different, the tools in this article should operate largely the same.)


Masking is the process of clipping objects, vectors, or bitmaps to the shape of a vector object.

The topmost object serves as the mask. If you want to use more than one object as a mask, group them first.

Creating a Mask 

  • Select the objects. The topmost object will be used as the mask.
    • From the Arrange menu, point to Mask and select Mask.
    • Right Click the objects and select Mask.


Unmasking Objects

  • Select the masked objects.
    • From the Arrange menu, point to Mask and select Unmask.
    • Right Click the objects and select Unmask.

Masks can also mask over existing masks, grouping them into the same mask. If you want to ungroup all the masks at the same time, follow the same instructions for Unmasking Objects, except select Unmask All.

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