Snapping Objects

You can activate the snap features and then create, edit, and move shapes to precise locations. As you move objects the selected Snap To options will automatically align the physical feature of the object according the snaps selected. When an object is snapping to a reference point, the cursor will change to a small square will appear indicating the snapping.

To activate snapping from the View menu, do one of the following:

  • Point to Snap and select the desired Snap to feature.
    • Repeat to turn on (or off) additional snap features.
  • Point to Snap and select Snap Toolbar.
    • The Snap To toolbar appears.
    • You can drag the Snap To toolbar to your toolbars at the top or side to dock the toolbar.
  • Select the desired Snap To features.
ViewSnaptoPoint.png ViewSnaptoGuide.png
Snap to Point Snap to Guide
ViewSnaptoGrid.pngViewSnaptoGuide.png ViewSnaptoIntersection.png
Snap to Grid Snap to Intersection
ViewSnaptoEdge.png ViewSnaptoGravity_324x172.png
Snap to Edge Snap to Center of Gravity
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