Duplicating Objects

Duplicating is an easy way to create several exact copies of objects. When you duplicate using these methods, it will copy every existing feature, setting, effect, and option as well (such as outlines and it's various settings, for example.)

There are a number of ways you can duplicate objects in Flexi:

  • Select the objects and drag while holding Ctrl
    • Hold Shift and drag to restrain the position of the copy to horizontal, vertical, or diagonal 
  • Select the objects and use copy + paste
    • From the Edit menu select Copy or press Ctrl +C
    • From the Edit menu select Paste or press Ctrl + V
    • Move the cursor to position the Paste bounding box; then left-click(or press Enter).
      • Press Tab to change the cursor position within the Paste bounding box (nine pre-set positions).

      • Press Esc to cancel the paste process.

  • Select the Objects and click Edit and then select Duplicate
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