Nesting Jobs in Production Manager

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Nesting Explained

Nesting reorganizes the jobs on the output media to minimize the amount of material needed to output the jobs:

BeforeNest.png        NestedJobs.png

Jobs must be in the same queue in order to nest together, and must share the same output device and resolution.

How to Nest Jobs

  • Select the jobs in the queue that you wish to nest together. (Click one job, hold Shift, and select another job below to select all jobs between those two. Hold Ctrl to select jobs that are not adjacent to each other.)


  • Click the Nest button on the main tool bar or right click the selected list and select Nest from the context menu.


Note: If the Nest icon stays grayed out, double check if all selected jobs have the same resolution and ICC Profile.


  • When jobs are nested, they appear in the queue as Nest (jobs) with the names of the jobs underneath. Each of these jobs will now share a single set of job properties. 



Rotating Jobs

The jobs may be rotated when initially being nested. To change this:

  • Select your setup and go to Setup Properties

  • Find the Automatic rotate Image when Nesting option on the second tab
    • When Checked: The setting will reorient the jobs as they are initially nested. 
    • When Unchecked: The setting will maintain the original orientation. 
      • In either case, the orientation may still change if the nesting functions determines that it will get a tighter nest by rotating it.


What type of jobs can be nested

  • Print jobs
  • Contour cut jobs
  • Print and contour cut jobs
    • Note that you cannot mix and match any of the above jobs, they must all be the exact same type.


Unnesting Jobs

Un-nesting separates a set of nested jobs into their component jobs.

  • Select the set of nested jobs.
  • Click the Unnest button in the toolbar
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