Breaking Apart Multi-Sectioned Jobs into Nested Jobs

(see also: Nesting Jobs)

The Break Apart command separates a multi-sectioned job into individual parts, and then nests the parts. You can break apart multiple copies, tiles or pages. For the most part, this function will be used with .pdf files with more than one page.

Once you break apart a job, it cannot be undone. You must add the job again if you want to make changes in the initial dialog.

  • Add the job in question.
  • Select the job and open Job Properties.
  • Adjust the following:
    • For multiple copies, from the Layout tab, set the number of copies to a number greater than 1 and click OK.
    • For multiple tiles, from the Tile tab, set the number of tiles to a number greater than 1 and click OK.
    • For a job with multiple pages, click OK.
  • Do one of the following:
    • From the Job context menu, select Break Apart.
    • Right-click the job and select Break Apart.
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