Job Properties - Output Channel Preview

(see also: Job Properties Overview)

This function allows you to preview the output for each color channel. The list of color channels is entirely dependent your Color Profile (or ICC profile). If your color profile supports more than the CMYK channels (such as Light Cyan or Light Magenta, or even Green and Orange on some printers) then those options will also appear here. This feature is for preview purposes only; it does not change the output. All color channels will still fire, even if one of the channels is unchecked here.


To Preview output channels, do the following:

  • Check Preview Output Channels
  • Wait for the preview to reload
  • Check any number of options to see the output for those channels

    Expected Print

    Preview without Yellow and Cyan

These are some of the reasons this feature can be useful:

  • When trying to hit a certain color and you want to see how much of a specific color is being output with it
  • When printing with Color Separations and need to see how each separation will appear.
  • When testing the output of a color profile if you have additional colors beyond CMYK
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