Job Properties - Object Color Control Tab

(see also: Job Properties Overview)

The Object Color Control tab is an advanced tool that allows you to work with the colors in your job by interacting with the preview image of the job.

You can also use this tab to see how your color profile would interpret the output color.

Check the Preview box so that the preview pane updates to reflect any color mapping and editing that you do.


  • Click in the preview area to select a color

    • The color will appear in the list showing the original color (RGB, CMYK, Gray) and the output values which were calculated by Color Management.

  • Double click the color in the list or click Edit to modify the mappingProductionJPOCCModify.png
  • Click on a color value to change the percentage
  • Increase the Tolerance if you want similar colors to be modified the same way
  • Select to apply to only bitmaps or vectors in the image, or both.
  • Click Delete to remove the selected color mapping from the list

Manually mapping colors

You can manually map colors from the different input to output color spaces by clicking New


This dialog has 2 tabs : Input Color and Output Color.

  • On the input color tab, select the color space for the input color and enter the values.
  • On the output color tab, select the color space for the output color (select Device to choose your printer) and enter the values.
    • If you want to affect a range of colors close to the input color, enter a % value in the Tolerance field. Higher numbers affect a wider range of colors, while 0% affects no additional colors beyond the values you entered.
  • Choose to apply to Bitmaps only, Vectors only or both.

Saving Object Color Control Settings into a preset

You can make a preset that contains color mappings.

Settings stored in a preset override any previous settings set in Job Properties.

  • From the Preset group box at the top of the Job Properties dialog, click the Save as button.
  • Check the tab settings that you want to include in the preset and click OK.
  • Enter a name for the new preset.
  • Click OK.
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