EnRoute Preferences - Display Tab


Display preferences define the colors for each of the drawing elements and set the rendering options.

Color Selection

  • Double click the color you want to change

  • Select the desired color from the pop up window

  • Click OK to save the changes

Display Settings

Show Layer Colors

Show colors assigned to individual layers

Update Buttons

When checked, toolbar buttons will automatically disable when the function is not available. This option should typically be enabled

Real-time Rendered Panning

Allow real time relief rendering while panning and rotating. If this causes computer performance issues, it can be disabled in an EnRoute preferences file. Contact EnRoute support for assistance


Rendering Options

Define what level of rendering to use in the perspective view.

OpenGL Level 3

Highest level graphics rendering, the default setting

OpenGL Level 2

Default option in EnRoute 4

OpenGL Level 1

This option has been proven to work well on computers without dedicated graphics cards

Windows Graphics

Decreased performance to allow rendering on computers that cannot support OpenGL rendering

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