EnRoute Preferences - General Tab


Merge Contours

Define the behavior for merging open contours when importing from other drawing programs.


Merge contours on import


Merge contours when pasted


Maximum separation between contour endpoints that will still be merged

Auto Cleanup

Control if short segments are automatically deleted when imported or pasted.


Delete short segments when contours are imported


Delete short segments when contours are pasted from the clipboard


Maximum segment length to be deleted

Undo Operations Limit

Controls the number of operations that can be undone by the Undo command.

Unlimited All operations since the last save can be undone
Limited Only the specified number of actions can be undone


Specify an auto save time interval

Auto Save Enables automatic saving functionality
Time Interval The time interval between automatic saves


Scaling of toolpath groups Allow toolpath groups to be scaled when checked. When a toolpath group is scaled the toolpaths will automatically be recalculated using the original strategy parameters. If unchecked, toolpath groups cannot be resized.
Clip toolpaths to plate Output toolpaths will not extend beyond plate boundaries when checked
Horizontal cutting Allow toolpaths to be rotated out of the horizontal X-Y plane when checked. This option is only applicable if using a machine that is capable of cutting toolpaths not in the X-Y plane.


Bump Increment The distance a selected object is moved when the arrow key is pressed by default. Pressing Shift + Arrow Key will vary the bump increment based on the zoom level so when zoomed in close, objects move smaller increments.
Click Increment The amount that values change when adjustment arrows are clicked in dialogue boxes.
Snap Threshold The distance in pixels at which the snaps take effect and the cursor automatically moves to the snapped geometry


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