FlexiPRINT & Cut Authorized 3M™ Traffic Edition 21 Software Update

What’s new in the update?

  • HP 365/360 Traffic RED and Traffic BROWN profiles for 4000 Series and 3930 Series have been updated to improve durability.
    • It is important to keep your software up to date to ensure adherence to the ASTM D4956 standard. 
  • Not all traffic colors can be achieved for each media type. The traffic colors available in the updated presets are shown below.
  • Not all traffic colors are backed by the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty, please refer to MCS™ Warranty Matrices for details
  • Updated presets in Flexi to use with updated media files:
    • 3M Traffic HP365/360 3930 Series ASTM v3_1
    • 3M Traffic HP365/360 4000 Series ASTM v3_1
    • 3M Traffic HP700/800 3930 Series ASTM v1
    • 3M Traffic HP700/800 4000 Series ASTM v1



Existing FlexiPRINT & Cut Authorized 3M™ Traffic Edition 21 Software license holders should log into their account on SAi Cloud and download this free update. 

Existing FlexiPRINT & Cut Authorized 3M™ Traffic Edition 19 Software license holders should contact their dealer for upgrade purchase.


Latin America / Australia / New Zealand

For these regions, select AU_NZ_LATAM as your region at the end of the installation process to ensure the installation of the Traffic GREEN2 color profile.



Media Compatibility:



Updating your Flexi 3M edition to the latest version

1. Login to your account at saicloud.com. Locate your Flexi 3M Edition license. Copy your activation code and click Download.



2. Right click the Zip folder that downloaded and select Extract All. Click Extract. Wait for it to complete. mceclip1.png


3. In the folder you've just extracted, double click Autorun.exe



4. Click Next or Yes through the prompts. When it asks you to overwrite this installation, click NO. It is recommended you do a fresh reinstallation with your software with this update.



5. Click Next through the prompts. The software will begin installing. Please wait for it to finish.



6. When the installation is finished, paste your activation code that you copied in Step 1.



7. The software will have you select a region. This option will apply the region specific traffic color settings.  Ensure you select the correct one.



8. Click OK on the install manager.



9. The installation is finished. Restart your computer to ensure proper installation of all components.




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