Installing Flexi

For help licensing and downloading Flexi, check out this article first: Activating your License and Downloading your Software


1. Double click the Executable file.

The Launcher will begin with the license agreement. Click "I accept the agreement" and "Next" to continue.


2. Select the destination folder. The directory as it exists in the installer is fine.


3.  Select the components you wish to install:

  • Samples: Includes a big selection of images and files to test and play with in Flexi
  • SafeNet Sentinel Installer: Only select this if you have a USB hardware dongle from the old licensing system.
  • Connect: Installs the SAi Connect utility.


4. Select where you want to install the shortcuts for Flexi 22. This is strictly for the Start Menu. The installer will still put shortcuts on your desktop regardless.


5. Click Install.


6. The Software will now Install. Please wait for it to finish.


Activating your Software

Once the installation is finished, the License Manager window will open. Copy paste your Activation Code. This is located in the email you received after purchasing the software OR permanently available on your account. The Activation Code will never change.

Ensure you are connected to the internet and click "Next."

Once you’ve entered in your activation code, the License Manager will attempt to communicate with the SAi server over the internet. If you Activation code is correct, it will say “Licensing Successful. Then click “Finish.”


Next, the Install Manager will open. First, ensure your Language is correct.

If you have settings you wish to retrieve from your old version of Flexi (including printer setups, ICC Profiles, presets, styles, templates, etc.) then check “Copy data from another installation,” and then hit “OK.” They must be saved on the same computer as you installing it now.

If not, just hit “OK” without changing anything on this screen.
Either way, a shortcut will be created on your desktop.


If you checked "Copy Data from another installation," you will get the window shown below when it finishes. First select Browse and then point to the root folder of your Flexi installation.

Normally it can be found one of the following directories:

C:\Program Files(x86)\SAi\SAi Production Suite 19

C:\Program Files\SAi\SAi Production Suite 21


C:\Program Files\SAi\SAi Production Suite 22


If you have multiple folders of SAi Production Suite 19, 21 or 22 and are not sure which one to use (such as 191, 192, or 211) it’s usually safe to pick the last one. If you’re still not sure, find your Flexi shortcut on your Desktop and then right click it and select “Open File Location”. In the address bar, you’ll see which one to use. (Don’t go any deeper than the Production Suite folder.)

Select which settings you wish to bring forward to your new installation and then click Copy. It’s okay to leave them all checked if you are not sure which options to bring over. Note that this can only be done if you are installing on the same computer.



Installing SAi Connect

The SAi Connect utility will now install if you had it selected in Step 3. If you already have SAi Connect, you won't need to install it again. Installing SAi Connect is very straight forward, but if you want help, see: Installing SAi Connect


The Installation for Flexi is now complete.


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