Flexi 22 New Features


Flexi is now in Unicode! This means you can set the language in Flexi independently from the Region on your Windows operating system. Make sure your font can support the language's character set if relevant.


SAi Connect

Flexi 22 now includes a brand new dashboard from where you can launch the program, manage your all of your software licenses and subscriptions, access SAi's useful and how-to information, material and ink usage statistics, and available updates for your software.



Printer Drivers

Flexi will now only install the Printer Drivers you create setups for in Production Manager, dramatically reducing the file size and allowing us to add new printers and cutters without requiring a major software update or patch.

This means Flexi will require an internet connection when setting up a printer in Production Manager. If you do not have or cannot have an internet connection, you can download them from a remote device with internet and transfer them.


Transparency Tab

The Transparency Tab is a new addition to the Job Properties window. This window includes a number of features aimed at improving the DTG/DTF workflow, but also has applications for those who prefer to design in Illustrator or Corel Draw.

  • Quickly generate transparent backgrounds
  • Create Contour Cut Paths without needing to go into the design
  • Remove data in texture patterns for DTG for garment breathability
  • Control White density and other white options



Cut Tab

The Cut Tab will be available in the Job Properties window in Production Manager when a Contour Cut line is created in Production Manager either via Create Transparent Background tool or Cut Along Page Border.



Order Reprints

This feature is to create and store print orders (with original job files and settings) in Production Manager, and then retrieve them to be printed again. You can find the Order Reprints feature under the File menu.

The Archived file is saved in the directory shown in the Preferences window under the Edit menu.


Choke only RIP generated white

An option to apply choke to only white data generated by the RIP and not the design. This is useful for DTF and DTG printing.


Launch 32- or 64-bit version of Production Manager

You can opt to only open the 32-bit Production Manager. This option exists for customers who have older devices for which there is no support in a 64-bit environment. This allows you to design in Flexi 22 in 64-bit while outputting in 32-bit. This option exists in Edit > Preferences > Tools tab > RIP and Print.32bit.png


Reorder of Setups in PM

You can now reorder your device setups in PM by going to View > Reorder Devices. The Reorder Devices window will guide you through it.


Add Output Profiles

You can now add Color profiles more quickly by clicking Add... instead of looking for it in the dropdown.AddProfile.png


Cut Page Crossing

Cut Page Crossing and Cut Strip Crossing has been added to the Cut tab in Default Job Properties and Job Properties in Production Manager

This will allow to users who submit tiled jobs with contour cut paths directly to Production Manager to close the cut contour shape.CutPageCrossingPM.png


Job Estimate Improvement

Ink Estimation has been added to Job Estimation tool in PM.

  • Configure ink estimation tool
  • RIP the job
  • Open Job Estimation from File/Job Estimation



Thumbnails in Production Manager Queues

You can now preview a job without having to click on it or going into Job Properties by hovering over the thumbnail on the left side of the job.



Adding Jobs to the Nested Group

You can now add jobs outside of a nested group by clicking and dragging it into the nested group. This means you no longer have to unnest the job (losing your settings in the process) and then renest the jobs with the additional job.



Tile Count in Job Info

You can know how many tiles to expect on a paneled job. Additionally, you will now get a warning when you have a job with a very small tile to prevent accidents or errors. Tiles.png


Print Labels in Position

You can now adjust the position of printed labels. "One set for all copies" will create one set of labels for multiple copies, nested, tiled, or multipage jobs. This is under the Labels and Marks tab in Job Properties.



Print Labels with Fotoba Marks

Fotoba Marks no longer need to be printed separately from Labels.Fotoba_Marks.png


Kongsberg File Support

Support for Kongsberg cutting table files in Flexi and Production Manager. This includes support for Barcode, QR code, and Data Matrix. Also includes new iCut script 2.0 file support.Fotoba_Marks.png


Save JIG layout as EPS

You can now save jigs as an EPS file, allowing you to print a test jib and save it for later use.Jig.png


Dynamic Marquee for Make Transparent

When using the Make Transparent tool, the Tolerance function will adjust the marquee automatically rather than having to click the image each time you adjust the tolerance.



Cannon and Grafityp swatches

Flexi now includes the Cannon and Grafityp spot color swatches. The Cannon swatch library includes fluorescent inks.



Flexi Design OEM restrictions removed

Flexi Design 22 is no longer limited by the OEM versions and can send to OEM versions of Production Manager (such as Mutoh or HP editions with Production Manager).


After Receive "RIP Only"

Time saving option to let you RIP the job after immediately receiving it in Production Manager, but not print it. Found in the device's Setup Properties.


Import Presets to Flexi Designer

If you've created presets in Production Manager, there is now a button in Production Manager to import them into RIP & Print.ImportPresets.png

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