GoProduce Material Manager

To configure Flexi to drive a Summa F-series by using GoProduce; please follow these instructions.


The first thing that you would be required to check is if Flexi can see the material and tool list in the Driver Options tab (located under Default Job Properties for the GoProduce "device" in your Production Manager). In the screenshot below, the material & tool list is empty because they have not been imported into Production Manager. 




You will need to generate the material XML file from GoProduce.


You will export the materials from Go Produce and then import that file into the RIP (Go to general tab in GoProduce and click on Create RIP xml).


Then you create the file MaterialManagerRIP.xml, and import it back into Production Manager under the Driver Options Tab.


The XML file is named as Material manager.xml this is the backup file for the program GoProduce itself with the info on the materials, methods, tools and camera profiles.


Please note, if new material, tools were added to cutter (GoProduce) there is a need to re generate the MaterialManager.XML so Flexi will get updated as well with the new information.


Refer to page 30 in the manual of GoProduce



This file will be created in the subdirectory ..\Documents\Summa GoProduce.

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