Contour Cut in another Design Program

If you design in another program such as Adobe Illustrator and want to import cuttable contour cut lines directly into Production Manager without opening in Flexi Design first, the following steps will help you do just that:

  1. Place a stroke or contour line where you want there to be a cut line.
    • The line must have 0 thickness
    • The color must be a Spot Color. The color itself does not matter.
    • The color's name must be CutContour or PerfCutContour, exactly as spelled including case with no spaces.
      • If you wish to create multiple cut lines with different technical parameters, you can add a number to the end of it: CutContour1CutContour12, up to CutContour99.
    • The file can be saved as .pdf, .eps, or .ai.
  2. Import the job as shown in Adding Jobs directly to Production Manager.
  3. You can verify the contour cut line imported correctly by double clicking the job to open the job properties, looking for the Cut tab, looking for your cut name and color in the Driver Options, and then seeing the contour cut on the design.



Set Contour Cut Marks

Once you've imported a cut job with a contour cut, ensure your job is set up to send to the proper device in the Workflow tab.


Next, go to the Labels and Marks tab. You can select the registration marks under "Print Marks" and set any relevant options in the button next to it.



The Options will change dependent on the marks you have selected under Print Marks. If you need to set up a Barcode, this window is where it is added.



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