Using Default Job Properties

The Default Job Properties window is the default settings by which any new job created in Flexi or Production manager will use. Changing these setting will apply it to every new job created after the settings are saved. This will not affect existing jobs in the listing in Production Manager.

Note that Default Job Properties are saved per setup (see: Creating Multiple Queues), not necessarily per printer or device. This allows you to have several sets of default settings for a single printer to choose from if you frequently print on several different materials or require different color profiles, for example. You can set up and name one setup "Vinyl" for example if you print and cut a lot of vinyl, and another setup named "Banner" if you occasionally print banners but don't want to have to set up anything when you need to switch over to print a few banners.

(Any explanation of these settings that overlap with Job Properties will be explained there. A link will be provided in the explanation of the setting.)

To access Default Job Properties:

  • Select the arrow next to the desired Setup, and click Default Job Properties...
  • With the Setup selected, go to Setup > Default Job Properties.

The Default Job Properties window will appear.

Many of these options and settings function as they appear in Job Properties Overview. However, the major difference is that any of these settings changed will apply to any new jobs that are created so be mindful which of these settings and options you change. Not every setting will be available to change.


Notable settings in Default Job Properties


If you have an existing Preset of options, you can set it up to use that preset by default for each new job. See: Production Presets


After Output

Workflow Tab: 

By default, jobs are set to delete after the job is printed. To change this so that the job is saved after it is output to the printer, selected "Hold". This will prevent any jobs from being automatically deleted in case you need to save a job for later usage. It is recommended that you clean out jobs saved with this function every week or month. It will slow down Production Manager drastically if your hold list gets too full. 


Choosing which plotter to send jobs to

If you have more than one plotter and have certain types of materials or jobs designated for that cutter, you can set which cutter the job will send to. Note that this only applies to jobs that are brought directly into Production Manager or for cuts generated in Production Manager. Contour cuts created in Flexi are still directed to the cutter selected in the contour tab of RIP & Print.



Printer Driver Settings

To preface these options, this tab is different for every printer. These settings are different for each printer because these options are settings and options that exist on the printer itself. You should be able to find these options on the printer's control panel or screen.

If you need to have different heat or temperature settings, for example, or speeds or change any other physical functions of your printer, the options in this tab can be useful if you are saving a default setting for a specific material or job. If you have questions about these options, please talk to your dealer or your manufacturer.


Print Labels


If you want to print labels on each job by default, you can set that up here. 


Color Adjustment

Most color adjustments at this scale (for default job properties) should generally occur in the color profile than on the Color Adjustment tab. This is an extremely advanced option, do not mess with this tab if you're not sure what you're doing. Small changes can have very drastic effects on the color and ink output.



Transparency Tab

If you expect to do lot of DTF/DTG printing, setting these options up in Default Job Properties will greatly streamline the process of removing the background, placing a contour cut, and removing data.

For more information on these options, see: Transparency Tab



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