Printing Files as Layers

With Flexi 21, you can create and print layered jobs that is made of two or more separate files for printers that would support printing multiple layers. Usually for printers with Spot colors like White and Varnish. You can also preview layers in Job Properties.


To create layered job, you would usually prepare different files for colorfiles and separate files for spot colors, like White and Varnish. After you add jobs to Production Manager you would select all jobs you intend to print as layers, right click on selected job and choose “Create layer job” option. You can also add three or even more jobs in case the printer has more spot colors.


In Layer Setup dialog, you can define what job for which color to use.


Settings can be changed in the Layer Tab. printing-files-as-layers-4.jpg


Note: When you use the option “Create layer job”, the driver will pick up the spot settings of the first job. So you’ll need to check the Spot Settings in the Driver Tab.

Some brands as HP, Ricoh, etc. do have some more specific settings because they support “front, middle and back” layers.

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