Production Presets

In the RIP&Print or Cut/Plot windows in Flexi and the Job Properties window in Production Manager, Flexi has a way to store commonly used settings with a feature called Presets. These are preset options that you can set up once and reuse again and again.

When you create a preset in either the RIP and Print dialog box or production manager, the preset is available in both programs.

However, note that if you set up a preset in Production Manager vs. RIP and Print or Cut/Plot, there will be more options available than in RIP and Print or Cut/Plot


RIP and Print

The preset options are located here:


mceclip3.png Preset list. None means no preset is selected. Add... allows you import a preset. 
mceclip2.png Save Opens the Save Preset dialog options. This option saves the currently selected Preset. 
mceclip4.png Save As... Saves the current settings as a new preset.
mceclip5.png Rename Renames the current Preset.
mceclip6.png Delete Preset Deletes the current Preset.


Creating a new Preset

First, go through the RIP and Print Dialog window and set up the properties you wish to use. Note that you only have to go through the tabs you know whose settings you want to save. Once you have your settings the way you want them, click Save As... This dialog box will appear:


Select the tabs with the settings you want to save. (Note: the Contour Tab will only appear on this window if you have a Contour Cut set up in the design.)

Click OK. A dialog box will appear allowing you to name it. Click OK once finished.

Check the Read Only box if you want to save this preset but do not want to be able to edit or save over it later. This keeps these settings from being accidentally changed. You can still rename or delete as necessary.

The new preset now appears in the preset list. Settings in [Brackets] have been set to Read Only and can't be modified.



The Cut/Plot window works much the same way, except that it uses a different set of presets that don't cross over with the RIP and Print window. Any preset saved in this window will not appear in RIP and Print, and vice versa.

When you save, you have a choice of these options instead. The settings on the respective selected tabs will be saved.



Job Properties

The options for the Job Properties window look and function quite similarly as well:


However, since there are more tabs in the Job Properties window, each tab will have their own check box. Select the ones you wish to save and click OK. In this instance, the Finisher Tab was selected as an example.


Again, you'll get the option to name it with the read only option available. For this example, it will be named Banner with Grommets.


Note now that if we went back to the RIP & Print window, the Banners with Grommets preset is available. The settings in the Finisher Tab will be used for the output, even though we didn't have an option to save the Finisher tab in RIP and Print.


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