Using Output Size Compensation

Output Size Compensation allows you to measure slight variations in output size and compensate for them. it can also help with prints or cuts that are too short or too long or stretched. In earlier versions of Flexi, you had to set the Output Size Compensation separately for each device. In Flexi 21 you have option to set the Output Size Compensation separately for each media and save it as part of the preset. Output Size Compensation option is accessible from the Setup menu in Production Manager.

Note that the majority of the time, Output Size Compensation is a band-aid fix to a printer or cutter that has feed speed issues (meaning it moves the material too fast or slow while printing or cutting, resulting in stretched or shrunken prints/cuts.) We recommend you confirm with your dealer or manufacturer that these issues are sorted out before using the Output Size Compensation feature.





1. Click the Setup menu button and select Output Size Compensation. Enter the Width and Length of the test cut you want to output under Test size. For best results, the print should be as large as possible while still fitting onto the output media.

2. Click Test Print. Measure the actual size of the test print and enter the Width and Length of the test print under Measured size. The software automatically calculates the compensation factors that will scale the output size to compensate for the difference between the test size and the measured size.

3. Check Enable output size compensation to automatically scale all future output from this setup using the compensation factors derived from your measurements. In case that you want Output Size Compensation to be applied only to one substrate click on “Save in preset” option and select preset you would like Output Size Compensation to be saved in.

Note that in the order for the Output Size compensation to be saved in the preset you should either select one of the existing presets or create new preset before the Output size Compensation is performed. (presets as seen in Production Presets)


The above functions work the same for Cutters/Plotters as well.


Hybrid Devices

If you have a printing/cutting hybrid device that you want to adjust the print and/or cut, there will be a toggle in the form of a check box in the Output Size Compensation dialog.


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