Dynamic Color Swatch Table (Flexi Complete)

The used color swatch table is a new function in Flexi Complete that shows you a swatch table that syncs up with the colors used in your design files. This color bar can always remain open and automatically load with whatever vector colors are in the file as it opens.

Note: colors will only be grabbed from vector objects, Flexi is unable to get individual color samples out of bitmaps.

Opening the Swatch Table

There are two ways to open and close the Swatch table. The first is to open the “view” menu in the top left corner, then select “Show Used Colors Swatch.”




The second way is with the Toggle button along the top of the program.





Updating the Colors Available to Match the Document

To update the available colors in the document, right click the swatch table and select “Synchronize with Document.” This will need to happen if you have added or removed colors from the document. This is also how you can update the available colors as you swap between different documents in Flexi.



The table will only show when there is an active workspace. If the workspace is blank, then the table will be empty as shown below.







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