Applying Colors from a Swatch Table

(see also: Swatch Tables)

Applying colors from a swatch table is quick and easy, but also offers a few different ways to do so. 

  • Select the objects.
  • Select the desired fill color in the swatch table.
  • Hold Ctrl and select to apply the color to the object's stroke.


  • Click and drag colors directly from the swatch table.


When you click and drag the mouse pointer over objects, its shape changes, depending on its location.

ColorSwatchObjectFillIcon.png Changes the color of the object's fill to the selected color.
ColorSwatchStrokeFillIcon_20x20.png Changes the color of the object's stroke to the selected color.
ColorSwatchFillSubstrateIcon_20x20.png Changes the color of the document area to the selected color.
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