Changing Existing Color Libraries

(see also: Swatch Tables)

You can modify the colors within vendor colors such as Pantone. If you have a printed example, you can use a spectrophotometer on the example to update that vendor's design color in Flexi to ensure optimal color output when paired with a good color profile for your printer.

  • From the View menu, point to Color and select Modify Color Libraries.
  • Select a Vendor and Type from the drop-down lists.
  • From the list on the right, select the color to be changed.
  • Type a new Name / Part # for the color to modify it, or click Delete to remove the color from the Color Library.

You can also click Measure to measure a new color using a measurement device and Replace to replace the selected color.

  • Click Done. A warning message—"The color library has been changed"—appears on the screen.
  • Click Yes to save the changes.
  • Note: If you don't have a spectrophotometer set up already, the software will prompt you to set one up in Edit > Preferences > Tools > Meter.
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