Creating New Swatch Tables

(see also: Swatch Tables)

If you want to create new swatch tables from scratch and add your own collection of colors, there are a few ways do to this:

  • From the View menu, point to Color and select New Table.
  • Right-click on an open swatch table and select New Table.

Once you've created a swatch table, it will look like this:


You can then add colors to it using the Color Specs dialogue box or dragging and dropping a color from another swatch table or the Color Mixer.


If you add colors to a new swatch table and try to close the table or application without saving it, you will be prompted to save the table to a file.


Be sure to Right Click the table and click Save Table. The table will now hold its colors as you expect it each time you open Flexi.



To Save a Swatch Table to a File

  • To open the Save As dialog box, do one of the following:
    • Right-click on the swatch table and select Save Table As.
    • From the View menu:
      • Point to Color and select Save Table As.
      • Select the swatch table you want to save and click OK.
  • Select the folder you want to save the swatch table in.
  • Enter a file name for the table and click OK.
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