Flexi 21 New Features

1. Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing is printing of a set of documents with mostly shared elements, except for certain text, or images that change from document to document. Flexi VDP tool will let you design template with sample file, specify what element will be variable data, including images and then specify data to be used from data file. VDT supports images, regular test, QR code, Data Matrix, Barcode and Braille.

2. Layers printing

With Flexi 21, you can create and print layered jobs that is made of two or more separate files for printers that would support printing multiple layers. Usually for printers with Spot colors like White and Varnish.  You can also preview layers in Job Properties.

3. JIG Templates

Allows you to design and save JIG template that will precisely match JOG on the printer bed for printing on multiple parts (eg phone cases)


4. Enhanced Print while RIP

With enhanced Print while RIP you do not have to wait for job to finish ripping to start printing. Enhanced Print while Rip will let you faster process big jobs but also nested and tilled jobs.

5. Output Channel Preview

Output Channel Preview lets you preview print job per output channel before it is sent to printer. Job does not even have to be ripped. It is powerful tool for eliminating mistakes especially when printing spot
channels like white and varnish.

6. Artboard Contour cutting in Production Manager

The Artboard Contour Cut feature will let you add cut line to the file in Production Manager without need to create cut line in Flexi Designer or in third party design applications. This feature is to allow cutting around the jobs even when it does not have a cut path. And because of this, it can be applied to any file type including to raster formats (such as TIFF or JPEG).

7. Custom Cut Line Names and Colors

In Flexi 21 you can define your own, custom, cut line spot colors with custom name. You can assign specific cutting condition or a tool to each custom cut line color.

8. Adobe Illustrator layer support in Production Manager

This is a new feature in Production Manager 21 allowing a multi-layer Adobe Illustrator or PDF to be split into multiple jobs, each layer to new job. User can specify which layer to print as process color and which layers to be printed as Spot (white or Varnish).

9. User data backup

Flexi 21 will let you import user data like ICC profiles, preset, preferences and templates from previous installation. You can also make backups of your data and reload data into new or existing installation.

10. Summa/HP OPOS Extra Mark

Full support for Summa and HP plotters OPOS EXTRA Mark for better accuracy

11. Graphtec Barcode Support

Full support for Graphtec Datalink and Barcode System via Datalink Server in Production Manger 21

12. Contour Cut line preview in Production Manager

Contour Cut Line can be previewed separate from the artwork to check for correct contour cut line.

13. Manual Contour Cut Offset

For cutters without automatic registration mark system to improve accuracy of the contour cut.

14. Custom Ink Set Support

Custom Inkset support lets you add custom ink channels, create and profile custom inkset color modes.

15. G7 Certification

This is a new option in Color Profiler Gray Balance step, to generate linearization that is closer to being  compliant with the G7 standard.

16. Device Link Profiler

In a normal color correction workflow, input colors are first converted to a device independent color space (such as Lab) through input profiles, and then to the output color space through output profiles.

This direct conversion facilitates some special handlings such as preserving pure colors. It can also be used to simulate the output from one printer on another one. These account for 2 types of DeviceLink profiles that can be created with Flexi 21 DeviceLink Profiler, input to output DeviceLink, and printer to printer DeviceLink.

17. Saving output size compensation with preset

Flexi 21 allows you to save Output Size Compensation per substrate by saving it as part of the preset.

18. Flexi file open in Flexi cannot be edited by two users at the same time.

While a file is open in the Flexi Designer it is protected from accidental editing by another designer.

19. Contour cut jobs kept in queue after output.

Contour Cut jobs with barcodes will, by default, be kept in the queue after the output in case that job needs to be reproduced thus saving substrate and time.

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